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Life Story

Life Story

Going from a family of one to a family of two to a family of five in less than two years has had lots of ups, downs, twists, and turns. But oh, what a ride!
Being a parent is teaching me a lot more about my codependency than I ever thought possible. Sometimes I feel I’m back at the beginning of my recovery again–and in many ways I am. I’m trying not to control, not to respond in anger, not to rescue my children from bad choices, not to try to be perfect, and to voice my wants and needs in a healthy manner. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve failed miserably, but as my counselor says: I’m doing lots of things right. I need to remind myself to take a balanced view of my life—the negative and the positive.
It’s been incredibly difficult to deal with my chronic physical and mental illnesses–as a single adult, a wife, and now a parent, but I’m learning not to be so hard on myself and to lower the unrealistic expectations I place on myself. I have a very understanding, patient, and loving husband.
Friend, God can make us white as snow. He did it for me. He also has a way of giving us back the things the locusts have stolen from us. Even more, He makes all things work together for our good (Romans 8:28). I made bad choices with relationships. He turned it around so I would know how to truly love and be loved by my Prince. I grew up with low self-image. He turned that around so I could help three children with low self-esteem. I missed a little girl I called my sister when her parents took her back. He turned that around so I could help my three children with their multiple losses. I moved every year growing up, and He has turned that around so I could relate to my three children who were in numerous foster homes for three long years. Only God can perform such miracles.
Yes, I stumble here and there; my husband and children can attest to that. 😉 But I make amends as quickly as possible.
God continues to set me free, and I–in turn–want to offer you hope that you too can be free from whatever burdens you to the glory of God the Father.
You can be whiter than snow!
Big Hugs,

Daphne Tarango


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