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I am like Whitney

I didn’t believe it when I first heard the news early this week, but alas, it was true: Whitney Houston was dead. I tried to keep it together, but I admit: I cried–a lot. She was my favorite singer growing up. I wanted to be–and sing–like Whitney. What girl in the ’80s and ’90s didn’t?


I’m not sure how or why her life ended so soon. But as I thought about her life, I was saddened. What made it worse were comments from people who were quick to judge her and her actions.


Dear friend, please hear my heart…


  • We all have issues.
  • We all sin.
  • Whitney was no exception.
  • Neither am I.
  • Neither are you.


God has used my life experiences–good and bad–to show me one life-changing Truth.


  • Any person can make unhealthy choices.
  • Any person can make a mistake.
  • Any person can fall.
  • I can be that person.


What separates my life from Whitney’s?


  • The cameras.
  • The tabloids.
  • The news.


Her private mistakes were made public. Her unhealthy choices were publicized for the world to see. Her addictions were on the little screen and on the front pages of newspapers and magazines.


What about me? My mistakes? My unhealthy choices? My addictions? They remain mine and mine alone–hidden from view of the world, my workplace, my church, my friends, and even my family. I am no better, no worse than Whitney. It just so happens that my issues are not on display for the world to see. Nor would I want them to be.


Dear one, I don’t want to judge others. I don’t want to pick on them, jump on their failures, or criticize their faults (Matthew 7:1-6). Instead, I pray for God to have mercy on me, for I–like Whitney–am a sinner (Luke 18:9-14). I–like Whitney–need Jesus to remove the deep stain of all my sins–public and private. I need to be as clean as freshly-fallen snow (Isaiah 1:18).


We are all like Whitney. But this I know… Jesus loves Whitneys.





Come alongside… Have you been judged? Have you judged others? How do you feel when you hear that we all have issues and are all sinners? What sins do you need to confess today? Can you accept that Jesus loves you? He does, you know…


NEWS and Excerpt: Women of the Secret Place

My new book, Women of the Secret Place (Ambassador International) is out!


Women of the Secret Place is a collection of inspirational stories and personal moments with God.  Ruth Carmichael Ellinger is the primary author for this inspirational collection.  I am one of 15 contributing authors:

  • Julana Alspach
  • R. Mitchell Scott
  • Marcy Lytle
  • Bette J. Lafferty
  • Sandi L. de Laski
  • Gale Hyatt
  • Katheryn Heckenbach
  • Cheryl J. Johnston
  • Pamela J. Fuller
  • Janet Rockey
  • Daphne Eilein Tarango
  • Susan Skinner Lewis
  • Debora M. Coty
  • Beverly Karns
  • Sharron Cosby
Here is an excerpt from the book:





There is a place, a secret place where women find refuge from the daily stresses of life, those besetting troubles that often leave us perplexed and wondering, “Why, Lord?” Women who resort to the quiet sanctuary of the “secret place” find the strength to move forward, to meet the challenges of the day with courage and confidence. We understand that this place belongs to God alone. He beckons us to come closer to Him, to find all that we need, all that is truly important, all that is meaningful to our happiness in life.


In this private and secluded place, we discover the value in our experiences—good and bad. We see things as they really are; not disguised, neither distorted by our human reasoning. When the veil is lifted during our visits to this solitary place, we see Him more clearly—a God of love and compassion who shows us ourselves. It is in those moments alone with God that we see Him as He is; merciful, ready to forgive, an amazing Deliverer sharing our daily life.


The stories, devotional excerpts, and personal experiences on the following pages are the reflections of my own experiences and those of other women who abide under the shadow of the Almighty, who wish to share what they have learned in the beautiful sanctuary of the Most High. Some stories will make you laugh, some may touch a cord of sadness and compassion, and still others will spark a searching; a desire to discover your own secret place with God. This is our prayer.


Ruth Carmichael Ellinger


There are two more days to take advantage of my pre-order sale: $10.00 (without shipping). After February 1st, the book will sell for $13.99. This is a great opportunity to purchase several copies–one for yourself and other copies for a mother, wife, sister, daughter, or friend.



You can also purchase the book through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Big hugs,


P.S. – Share the news. Forward to your family and friends. 🙂


The Story of My Life

Last week, my husband and I took a day trip over to Sarasota for the Ringling Museum. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. Mr. and Mrs. Ringling–yes, I’m talking about the circus folks–purchased 20 acres of waterfront property in the early 1900s and built a home there. Well, it’s really a mansion, and oh what a mansion!


The Ringlings loved art, and they built an impressive art collection over the years.



As my husband and I walked the 21-gallery art museum, we saw scenes of people’s lives.

  • Biblical.
  • Historical.
  • Fictional.
  • Everyday people.



Each painting or tapestry was distinct. But all told a story.

  • A snapshot in time.
  • A turning point  in someone’s life.
  • A story of the person’s life.




I got to wondering–as I often do… What’s the story of my life? If an artist wanted to tell others about me, what would he paint, draw, sculpt, or weave? I just couldn’t shake that thought as I took in each of the paintings throughout the day.


What is the story of your life? Think about it. What would you want an artist to portray about you?


My husband and I talked about this on our way home. I’ll share my story, and he’ll share his in the comments. But I wanted to start us off with my painting, my tapestry, my story.


I see a house–my house. The scene outside is rather dark, and as you approach the house, it is warmly lit. People–adults and kids alike–are walking up to the house worn and weary. Some are looking behind them as they run to my home. Others are leaving the house. They’re smiling, standing tall, healthy.


You can look inside the house through the front windows and see people–lots of them– sitting all around the front room. On the sofa, on the floor, on chairs. They’re huddled together, blankets over each person’s shoulders. There is some activity in and out of the other rooms, but the central focus is on the front room. All face in one direction–toward a cozy plantation chair in the corner. I am sitting on that chair reading to them from the Bible. Other books are on my lap. My eyebrows are raised, and I have smile on my face, as I lean in to tell them what appears to be good news.


The title of the painting is, “The Comfort Station.” (I actually have a sign in my house today.) The subtitle is, “Comforting others with the comfort she received from God (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).”


That’s how I would like to be remembered. That is the story of my life.


Come alongside… What is the story of your life? Share it with us. Invite your friends to share their stories. 


(Remember… January is book giveaway month. The more you comment below, the more chances you have to win a copy of my new book, Women of the Secret Place.)


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