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S.M. Lockridge

That’s Jesus?!?!

My eight-year-old son beamed to show off his class picture. We were equally excited—the new parents that we are.


He pointed to a fair-skinned boy with a floppy hair-cut and cute ears.


“This is so-and-so.”


Then he pointed to a dark-skinned boy with a mini-afro.


“This is such and such.”


And then he pointed to a Hispanic boy with a Mohawk.


“This is Jesus.”


That’s Jesus?!?!” asked my six-year old daughter in disbelief.


“Not Jesus, Jesus,” I replied—trying to keep my composure. “His name is Jesus, just like in the Bible.”




They carried on as if nothing happened, but I laughed about it on and off throughout the day. It still makes me laugh.


But it also makes me think.

  • Do I know Jesus?
  • Do I know His love?
  • Do I know His voice?
  • Do I tell others what Jesus means to me?
  • Do I show them what He’s done in me?
  • Do I dare say, “This is my Jesus!”


Do I know Him?


Well-known Pastor, S.M. Lockridge, of Calvary Baptist Church in California, knew Jesus. And he wasn’t afraid to say that his Jesus—my Jesus, the one and only Jesus—was—and is—King.


Enjoy this brief message, “That’s my King,” by S.M. Lockridge.




Do you know Him?



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