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Reader letters

An Open Response to a Reader’s Complaint Letter

Dear readers,


I usually don’t post multiple times in one day, but given the circumstances, I find it necessary to do so.


This afternoon,  I received a comment on this blog from a reader whom I will keep nameless. I was deeply disturbed by this letter, and my initial response to the negative feedback was to keep it private. However, in the spirit of transparency–as is one of the foundations and cornerstones of this blog–I have chosen to post the letter–unedited–and to reply briefly.


Please know I will not be opening this post to comments, but I would appreciate your prayers so that this situation would resolve itself in a manner that would glorify God and that truth will prevail.


Here is my reader’s letter:



How FUNNY!! I got the pleasure to meet you and your husband this week, and WOW is all I can say. Your children were at a local park where YOU werent even there with them and they were completly unettended by any adult. Your son was bullying and being hateful to one child, jumping on top of the play set (where he could haven fallen and sersouly injured himself), takeing peoples belongings and completly unruly along with your daughter. Then you do decide to grace us with your pressence and grab my disabled child and tell him we dont use the word ‘Crap” in our house. When I approch you and ask you if I can help you….you tell me “Im talking to him” I then made you aware that you were speaking to my son and then you told me he was NOT allowed to talk that way. You were rude and you were NOT even taking care of your own children why come out of your home and then get on others. I also told you to speak with the parents which again you smart back with “I didnt even see his dad” well hello YOU WERENT THEIR …. Were where you?????? In your home relaxing expecting everyone else to take care of YOUR children. Then my husband when I do tell him what had happened tells you “Hey you know your kids are over here unattended and acting out” which you smart off to him and he then just tells you “Take care of displicing your own kids before you displine others” and walks away. Oh but no it does NOT end there….. you call your husband home from his welding job and he reaches in the back of his vehicle and walks over to the park almost 30 minutes later and starts a confertation with my husband. You nor your children were their your husband simply wanted to come over to a public area and start trouble. Only after telling your husband what happen did he back down and take his hand off what me and the other parents thought was a weapon in his pants…… hugh. You and your husband owed everyone that day an appology. For one – you were wrong for putting your hands on my son which I should press charges and may still do that. Two- for being so rude to him (you know why he said crap, your daughter told him to do something mean to the little blonde boy, and my son responded with I dont do crap like that. Also it shows that your children are big on picking on kids with disabilities. Which I tisk at being a Rep for children with disabilities I dont look kindly on those who allow their children to do stuff like that.) Three- for sending your husband and for him coming over with the only intent to start trouble…. My husband never threatened you or cursed you all the witnesses that day would have told your husband if he had come to make peace. Its funny I find your page on “christianity” and how you “SHOW” this one side and on the other your out there making problems. I dont believe in your GOD and you and all the other christians are the reason why. You put on this Im peaceful at home reading my bible minding my own business but in reality out their being rude and provoking and then sending your husband to carry out threats. I dont take kindly to anyone who TREATENS my children and their well being nor my husband. If my husband was rude to you I would have jumped on him like white on rice, but he wasnt YOU WERE. I respect family….. but when you cross that line with peoples children thats lines that dont get crossed! I take it very personal that your husband came over to the park were you nor your children were BUT mine were. If my husband would have smarted off your husband may have hit him and then indangering my children!


And guess what your the one who provoked it! Your husband said that you adpoted some of your children I am assuming they are blood relatives that you helped out with their kids. How do you think childrens protective services would feel to know that your not watching these kids. AT ALL!!!! …………. I am in rage over what happened yesterday its not because of you saying something to my kid which was out of line but that you sent your husband over……. that is what in rages me the most. That you would put my children in danger and that your husband would even come over to start somehting! I know you wont let this get on your page but their are other ways to expose you! And I will use every resource to do that including involving my very LARGE following……. See it wasnt my husband to fear it was the momma with her cubs!


This is my open response:


Thank you for stopping by and sharing, [reader].

I generally approve all comments that are posted on my blog (other than spam) to maintain a spirit of transparency.

It’s interesting that you would come by my blog because as I was reflecting on my day last night, I felt led to ask forgiveness of your husband for using a disrespecting tone of voice with him. However, not knowing anything about you, I didn’t know how to contact you—other than to wait for you to visit the park again so that I could make my amends. So… I’m actually glad you were able to find me, however you came upon my site. If you would relay to your husband my apologies for disrespecting him, I would sincerely appreciate it.


I do admit I could have better handled the conversation with your husband. However, I don’t find it beneficial to point-counterpoint the other items in your letter.


I hope you will read my post from just this morning, “7 Steps to Prevent—and Reverse—Relapse” to get a better understanding of how—and why—I’ve been angry lately, and how I’m working on preventing that in the future.


Most of all, I want to encourage you not to push God away because of my momentary lapse in judgment in speaking to your husband. My God is amazing. He’s made me a new person—not perfect, by any means, but one who tries—sometimes unsuccessfully—to love others and help them to experience God’s love for themselves. I know if you would give Him a chance, you will find Him to be all you’ve ever wanted and hoped for.


If you should ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to make contact again.


In the meantime, I wish you peace and joy overflowing.


In Christ,



Thank you for your continued prayers for this situation, dear readers. May we always remember to be salt and light wherever we go.





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