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Lisa Wulf

Enfolded in God’s Arms (Book Review)

Hi, friends!
One of the things I try to do on this site is to let you know of resources that have helped me and could help you in your walk with God–and with others.
Enfolded in God’s Arms by Lisa Aré Wulf is one of the books I think you should look into, especially if you feel stuck in life.
Enfolded in God’s Arms is a 40-day devotional for people who need healing in their lives. Isn’t that all of us? 🙂
Each of Lisa’s reflections include:

  • Scripture verse
  • Devotional entry
  • Questions to ponder
  • Prayer
  • Journal space

The delicate flowers on the cover set the tone for the book. The fragile vase is a hint at the approach Lisa uses throughout the book. From the beginning, Lisa calms the reader’s fear of digging deeper into their hurts. In the middle of each entry, she includes a section titled “Be Still for a Silent Moment with God.” I appreciated this section because it reminded me not to keep reading without listening to what God was speaking to my heart. Instead, I stopped and reflected on what I was reading and how it applied to me.
Enfolded in God’s Arms helps readers start the process of introspection, which leads to healing. It’s a great book for those who “are experts at putting on a good face.” Lisa uses a tender approach. I’ve never heard her voice, but I felt like I could hear her encouraging me.
Although Lisa sprinkles personal examples throughout the book, I wanted more of them! I wanted to know how she handled her struggles specifically. In my opinion, sharing more of her experiences would have helped the reader to dig even deeper. It’s a personal preference that does not detract from the book in any way.
I recommend Enfolded in God’s Arms by Lisa Aré Wulf for anyone who experiences struggles they “can’t seem to shake.” Anyone who is starting in recovery circles, including 12-step programs, would benefit from Lisa’s book. It is non-threatening, yet challenging and transforming. It would be ideal for a small accountability group. It also makes a sweet gift to those who need a long embrace.
To learn more about Lisa, visit her Web site.
To purchase a copy of Enfolded in God’s Arms, click on the Amazon logo below.
Come alongside…. How can you benefit from Lisa’s book? In which areas of your life do you need to get unstuck? Which parts of yourself have masks? Post your comment in the box below that says, “Leave a Reply.” Remember, you can comment anonymously.

Book Review: On a Quest for Christ by Lisa A. Wulf

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading author Lisa Aré Wulf’s devotional, On a Quest for Christ. If you’re looking for a meditative devotional, I highly recommend this book.



Here’s my review:


Lisa Are Wulf’s On a Quest for Christ: Tracing the Footsteps of Your Spiritual Journey is a thought-provoking 30-day devotional for Christians interested in documenting the key events in their lives, including their decision for Christ.


Lisa shares snippets of her story in each of the devotionals, encouraging readers to uncover their own sacred journey in a workbook style format. Readers can reflect on how different life events have influenced them, taking notes along the way. Each devotional closes with a “Give it to God” prayer and an opportunity for the reader to write a prayer to God, unique to their own life. At the end of the 30-day devotional, readers are empowered and encouraged to create their very own Christ Quest Time Map, highlighting milestones for important events or achievements, breakthroughs or significant insight, God moments or spiritual encounters, and times of uncertainty or struggle.


I felt Lisa’s loving, calm, and soothing voice as I read the devotionals. Documenting our life stories can be intimidating, but Lisa gently and prayerfully leads readers on the journey. She tells stories I related to—as would many others. Her carefully-crafted prayers show her sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the delicacy of each person’s sacred journey.


On a Quest for Christ is a great tool to help readers leave a legacy of their faith journey to children and grandchildren. It is also a great resource for taking inventory of a person’s life, as is required in many 12-step recovery group programs. On a Quest for Christ can be used by a single reader, one-to-one mentoring, or in a small group format.


I highly recommend Lisa Are Wulf’s On a Quest for Christ: Tracing the Footsteps of Your Spiritual Journey for any believer.



For more information on Lisa, visit her blog, One Woman Sanctuary. If you would like to read more reviews of On a Quest for Christ–and to purchase a copy, visit GoodreadsAmazon or Barnes & Noble.





Book Review: “Women of the Secret Place” by Lisa Wulf

Earlier this year, I posted that I published my first book, Women of the Secret Place (Ambassador International).


I also had a contest in which several readers each won a copy of Women of the Secret Place. One of my readers and contest winners, Lisa Wulf, had this to say about the book:


Within the ordinary minutes of a woman’s life are found extraordinary examples of courage, faith, love and strength. The authors of Women of the Secret Place poignantly depict stories of family heartache, life transitions, illness and pain. Yet God’s love is reflected in new beginnings, joyous memories and the celebration of life itself. Each devotional in this captivating collection truly does remind us that His mercy endures forever.

I am so excited to hear how this book is blessing others. Thank you, Lisa, for your wonderful feedback.


Visit my book page for more information on Women of the Secret Place and to purchase your own copy.




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