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Show Some Love: How To Be a Friend to Someone in Recovery


My third book, Show Some Love: How to Be a Friend to Someone in Recovery, is now available.


Here is some information about the book:


You want to help, but you don’t know how. Do you talk to your loved one? Do you check up? Do you stand idly by? Or do you keep your distance until she gets her life in order?
Whether your loved one continues to make unhealthy choices or has decided to get help, recovery leader Daphne Tarango wants to help you. After years in recovery, Daphne has analyzed feedback from people in recovery and their loved ones. She shares what she gleaned in Show Some Love: How to Be a Friend to Someone in Recovery. Show Some Love offers insights to those whose loved ones are on a destructive path. Daphne helps you to understand what your loved one might be thinking and feeling that prompts poor choices. She provides tips on how to assure your loved one of your love, despite her actions.
But Show Some Love goes beyond providing help for those who are still waiting for their loved ones to change directions. Show Some Love offers guidelines on how to interact with your loved one after they’ve made the choice to get help. Daphne’s tips help you to understand what your loved one will experience through each stage of recovery: Looking up, Looking in, and Looking out. She offers guidelines on how to show love during those stages, as well as ways to pray for and interact with your loved one every step of the way.
Additionally, Daphne offers guidelines on how to show yourself some love as you travel the emotionally-charged, sometimes tricky recovery journey with your loved one. Show Some Love can help you reduce well-meaning missteps. With what you learn from this book, you can be better equipped to help your loved one on the road to wholeness and freedom and, ultimately, to help your relationship grow closer.
Ready to show some love?

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If you would like to order a copy of Show Some Love, you can do so via PayPal. When you order via PayPal, you will get a personal note from me in your book.

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