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I Just Want to Hear Your Voice


Last night, I tossed and turned. Stared at the clock. Tried to get comfortable. Fluffed my pillow. Snuggled up in a fetal position. Still couldn’t seem to get there.
















I guess that’s what I get for drinking coffee, which is not a “regular” thing for me. I’m usually a decaf person. 😉


In the past, I’ve breathed deeply, tried to clear my head, counted sheep. Even cried.


Although I’m not always consistent with it, one thing I’ve started to do whenever I can’t sleep is to pray. Have you tried praying when you can’t sleep?


  • For your husband.
  • Family.
  • Children.
  • Friends.
  • Work.
  • Finances.
  • Missionary friends.
  • Pastors and church leaders.
  • Situations and circumstances—you know, the stuff of life.
  • Oh, and for yourself.


You can also thank and praise God when you can’t sleep.


  • For His faithfulness.
  • Forgiveness.
  • His love.
  • Jesus Christ.
  • Food, shelter.
  • Protection.
  • Not giving me what I deserve.
  • Giving me blessings I didn’t—and couldn’t—earn.


God doesn’t sleep, dear one. He still works when we are fast asleep—or wide awake.



The one who watches over you … never tires and never sleeps (Psalm 121:3-4).



Isn’t that reassuring? God watches over you! Even during the nighttime hours, He’s working things out for your good, for the good of your family, for someone you might not have thought of in years. Sometimes, He wants to hear from you in the middle of the night: What’s on your mind, what’s worrying you, what’s exciting you lately. So he gently nudges you awake. “I want to hear your voice. Can we talk?” Or if you’re already tossing and turning, “Hi, wanna talk?” He longs for it!



O my beloved, lingering in the gardens, how wonderful that your companions can listen to your voice. Let me hear it, too! (Song of Solomon 8:13)



Let me hear your voice. Your voice is so sweet. Your face is so lovely. (Song of Solomon 2:14)




Wow! God longs to hear from you. He desires your heart–and your voice–during your busy day and restless night. To Him, “Every syllable you speak [is] a delicacy to savor” (Song of Solomon 4:11). Oh, how He loves you!




I could’ve had too much coffee. Or maybe God wanted to talk. Or both. Regardless, He wanted to hear my voice. And I, His.



Afterward, sweet dreams.



Come alongside: How do you handle insomnia? Do you pray when you can’t sleep? Do you have a testimony of unknowingly praying for someone during the night, later learning that, at that very moment, they needed prayer? Or maybe you were on the receiving end. Please share with us in the comments. Remember, you can comment anonymously if you so choose.



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10 Responses to I Just Want to Hear Your Voice

  • Jim Snyder says:

    I was in a home prayer meeting in Pasco, Washington when I sensed an urge to pray for missionary friends Carl & Evelyn. Following up I learned Carl was undergoing emergency cancer surgery. When they opened him up they found the cancer which resembled seaweed was wrapped around his intestines. It was also dead. Carl lived to serve the Lord for several more years. PTL!

  • Karen says:

    I quite often lay in bed and pray when I can’t sleep—but usually I’m dead to the world once I’m out! 🙂

  • Read this when I couldn’t sleep. Thanks for the inspiration, Daphne. Hope you’re being blessed. Happy Mother’s Day!!
    Melanie Wilson @theinspiredday would like you to read…Positive Words to Use Every Day

  • Craig J. says:

    Thank you Daphne for writing this. I’m going through rough waters at the moment, but reading this reminded me of how great God really is. God has helped me before, and will help me again. I just “happened upon” your article, but I no longer think it was happenstance. Again, thank you for writing this.

    • Daphne says:

      It wasn’t happenstance, Craig. I hope you are doing better. I trust God is helping you through these “rough waters.” I have prayed for you.


  • October 8, 2009, 2:30 A.M., another sleepless night worrying about my son. Instead of my usual TV watching, I reached for my Bible. I remembered a scripture reference my daughter-in-law posted on Facebook in August: “Jeremiah 30 and 31. Restoration Promised.” I turned to Jeremiah 30 and began reading and crying. My life and perspective changed in the wee hours of that night. Blessings for the day and may your sleep be sweet.
    Sharron Cosby would like you to read…When I Lay My Isaac Down

    • Daphne says:

      Aww, thank you for sharing your journal entry, Sharron.

      Isn’t God’s word so comforting and reassuring? Isn’t He faithful to meet our needs at whatever time–day or night?

      Isn’t He the God of Restoration. He sets all things right.


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