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Giving myself a time-out


I just had to get away.Give yourself the gift of a time-out


  • Step aside.
  • Take a break.
  • Remove myself from the situation.


I was starting to get frustrated and irritable–just plain perturbed.


Is this what I’m like when I’m in a foul mood? I sure hope not. (Denial?)


The sarcasm, complaining, and bad-mouthing was getting to me. Now, I too was doing it. No matter how hard I tried, I caved.


I needed a time-out.


I walked away quietly, hoping the commotion around me was enough of a distraction that no one would notice my gradual absence.


Deep breaths in and out, in and out.


I wish this were an isolated incident, but if I’m honest, I’ve needed to give myself a lot of time-outs lately.


I don’t view it as something bad or discipline for something I’ve done; rather, a gift.
  • Of space.
  • Of time.
  • Of meditation and refocusing.
  • Of God.


My Father meets me in time-out. He leads me to rest (Mark 6:31). He quiets me with His love (Zephaniah 3:17). He speaks.


  • Not in the wind.
  • Not in the earthquake.
  • Not in the fire.
  • In a whisper.


He lets me catch my breath and sends me in the right direction so I can respond–not react–with renewed strength and wisdom.


Yes, I need time-outs. I want time-outs. The gift I give myself.


I hope you will too.
Come alongside… How are you dealing with your frustrations? Do you need to give yourself a time-out? Will you?


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