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Sadness, Laughter, and Prayer

When you least expect it, I will ask you two questions. Today is one of those days.



Think about yesterday…What made you sad?


Being in a conversation with others who sought to win and not to understand.


Again, think about yesterday…What made you laugh?


Catching up with an old friend.


Present both of those to God today.






Father, thank you for yesterday. I was sad that I was alone in trying to understand those around me. Help me, God, not to seek to win but to understand where others are coming from and their points-of-view. You are the God of relationships, so I pray that you will help me to be a light with those I come in contact. I also want to thank you for the time with my friend, God. The situation was not ideal, but it was great to laugh in the middle of it all. I pray your blessings on my friend and that you would give him the gift of laughter more and more. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Now it’s your turn… Remember God wants to hear the big and the little things in our lives. If it makes us sad, He wants to hear it. If it makes us laugh, He wants to hear it too.


Come alongside.

4 Responses to Sadness, Laughter, and Prayer

  • GuichT says:

    What a lovely post Daphne, I love the fact that you are willing to share those things that some of us have deep inside but, never let them out. It’s not always about winning is it. Catching up with old friends can be the best, thank you for sharing again. God bless you and I will be praying for you and your friend. Blessings……….Guich T

    • Daphne says:

      Thanks, GuichT.

      Sometimes we bring the big things to God, and we forget to bring the little things–good or bad. I think He wants to hear both. If it makes us sad, He wants to hear it. If it makes us laugh, He wants to hear that too.

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Lets see what made me sad . Had to work on a Sunday, on a job I hate, for less money than I was making over 10 yrs ago. Worked 13 hrs in the rain and none of it was overtime.

    What made me happy? Got to go home. Got me some Popeye’s chicken. Went by storage unit to get boxes of Cin’s stuff so I can decide what to do with all the stuff she had saved. Sad that I have to do it, happy cause it’s getting done. Happy that I have a job.

    Not sure if I should be happy or sad? Haven’t heard or spoke to human in almost 30 hrs. Sad that I don’t feel better. Happy I’m not in a hospital. Happy it’s not going to rain tomorrow. Sad I have to work.

    Did Jesus laugh? If so, why isn’t it in his word? Like to know what would make him roll around the floor laughing. I love to hear a person with a good laugh. Even if it’s not funny to you, that will make you feel better.

    Here’s to letting God know. He knows. We need to tell him. And to that, great laugh.

    Shadow Man

    • Daphne says:

      When we thank God for the little things, like getting some Popeye’s chicken, He transforms our thinking. In every dark season, there are glimmers of His light, if we would only look for it.

      I wholeheartedly believe Jesus laughed, shadow man. And because He did, I can too.


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