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A Stream of Dreams


One simple question–just one–opened the floodgates.


Where do you see us in five years?


My husband and I lay in bed facing each other, our heads on the pillows. One simple question. A stream of dreams.


  • For our careers.
  • Our family.
  • Our church.
  • Our neighborhood.


Some dreams were goofy; others serious. Nonetheless, they were–they are–our dreams.

God wants us to dream. He places desires in us and the power to carry them out (Philippians 2:13). He rejoices when we give ourselves the freedom to dream–to express our desires–big or small. Whether we want…


  • A family.
  • Our own business.
  • Friends that are welcome at any time.
  • A dog to play with.
  • Missions trips to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.


God can make my dreams a reality. My life can take a sudden turn, and things don’t turn out as I dreamed. But God’s ways are not my ways (Isaiah 55:8). When I think of how God has brought me to this very place in my life–how all the events and life decisions to this point are shaping my innermost dreams into reality, not even the best Hollywood director could have written my story.


And to think of what is yet to come!



My mind goes to the Biblical character Esther–an orphaned Hebrew young girl adopted by her uncle and later made Queen alongside the Persian King Xerxes. She later saved the lives of her Jewish people. I’m sure she never saw that in her dreams. But God did!


We–like Esther–can have a life far better than those in movies because we have the Master Storymaker.



No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9).


Come alongside…What dream has been taking shape within you? Would you speak it into existence–give it life with your words? Will you let God make it a reality in whatever way He chooses?


Music to Encourage You to Dream



8 Responses to A Stream of Dreams

  • I’m dreaming of more family time, family growth and improved relationships. Also I dream of continued growth of my released dream. God Bless You Daphne and Luis! May all of your dreams come true!

  • Sara says:

    God willing, to have my lyrics touching the lives of others in song

    God willing, to meet a man who truly reflects the heart of Christ, with who I can share a matchless, God-honoring love

    God willing, to venture out into the world, getting to know people – young and old, near and far – and seeing the body of Christ as it is meant to be, not restricted to boundaries and buildings and denominations

  • Daphne, I love the question you and Luis asked…I love thinking of my life as a timeline…I remember during the Beth Moore Bible Study, “Believing God,” one of our assignments was to do a timeline of our life in 10 year segments, asking God to reveal to us all the spiritual mile markers in our lives…broken places…hurts…and joyful times…to help us see that God had been there all along…His grace is sufficient. During this Bible study, I discovered a very helpful tool for a “Timeline Template” through Microsoft. It’s free, and it’s very easy to use, the text boxes expand to whatever size you need, and the arrows on the boxes can be moved to any location on the timeline. I have copied the link for this “Timeline Template” ….it really helped me to get my thoughts on paper, and God has used it to heal me in so many ways Here’s the link…

    What an interesting idea, to look ahead 5 years, and put those spiritual milestones that we are dreaming of on our timeline for the future 🙂


    • Daphne says:

      This is a great idea, Beth!

      We’ll have to use this timeline and identify those mile-markers on the way to our goals.

      God has been there all along and He will continue to be there in the years ahead.

      Thanks for sharing, my friend.

      Big hugs,

  • Jamie says:

    Definitely. May all your dreams come true. My husband and I write down our goals at the being of each year. Many are in the same areas that you and your husband described. It’s funny how when you speak things and write them down, how we accomplished things by years end.

    • Daphne says:

      What a great idea, Jamie.

      I think we will adopt this as well. Then, as you say, we can look back on the year and see whether we met our goals and how God helped us along the way. Also helps to see if our priorities change throughout the year and in the year ahead.

      Big hugs,

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