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Protecting God’s property–my feelings

Recently, someone berated me because of my feelings.


I felt hurt.


They said I had no right.


I felt ignored.


They said I wanted to be the center of attention.


I felt like a child.


They said I was a child.


It has taken me my entire life to express my feelings in a healthy way. When I do, I own them. I use “I” statements because they are…mine.


  • No blaming others.
  • No evaluating their motives or actions.
  • No judging.


My feelings and mine alone.


Dear one, my body is a temple of the living God; the Bible says so. He is in me, and I am not my own. I honor Him by taking care of His temple—and that includes my feelings (1 Corinthians 6:19). I am not to throw my pearls—my words of great value, my feelings—before anyone who will trample on them, treat them with rudeness, or insult them (Matthew 7:6).


I choose to protect my feelings because, after all, they are God’s property.


Come alongside…How have you expressed your feelings? Has someone trampled on them? How do you feel knowing that your feelings are valuable?

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