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Protecting God’s property–my feelings

Recently, someone berated me because of my feelings.


I felt hurt.


They said I had no right.


I felt ignored.


They said I wanted to be the center of attention.


I felt like a child.


They said I was a child.


It has taken me my entire life to express my feelings in a healthy way. When I do, I own them. I use “I” statements because they are…mine.


  • No blaming others.
  • No evaluating their motives or actions.
  • No judging.


My feelings and mine alone.


Dear one, my body is a temple of the living God; the Bible says so. He is in me, and I am not my own. I honor Him by taking care of His temple—and that includes my feelings (1 Corinthians 6:19). I am not to throw my pearls—my words of great value, my feelings—before anyone who will trample on them, treat them with rudeness, or insult them (Matthew 7:6).


I choose to protect my feelings because, after all, they are God’s property.


Come alongside…How have you expressed your feelings? Has someone trampled on them? How do you feel knowing that your feelings are valuable?

8 Responses to Protecting God’s property–my feelings

  • April M. Whitt says:

    Your poem reminds me that I am valued! It’s so easy to use our own feelings against our own selves, but you are right, even our feelings belong to our heavenly Father, and that makes them as precious as pearls. He saves our teardrops in a bottle. How precious we are to Him in every way. Even that “little child” within us (the one we often feel ashamed of because it is easily hurt) is welcomed and dearly loved by our Abba Father!

    • Daphne says:

      Hi, April.

      You’re right: We often feel ashamed because that little child within us “shouldn’t feel that way.” In reality, God welcomes that transparency, especially when we take those feelings to Him.

      Thanks for sharing, my friend.


  • GuichT says:

    As a man, my first response to the subject of feelings is to cringe. I’ve gotten better at this subject.

    First I’m sorry this happen to you. Let me say, one thing I do know is that whenever we express or make known our feelings, there is always going to be a response from the individual that we decided to share with. What we hope for is that this person is a safe person and will respect our feelings for what they are. That’s not always the case, is it? Sometimes the response can be good, but, most of the time it isn’t. I know in my life there is only one person that I feel safe with expressing any feelings that I might have. I feel blessed because of that.

    The fear of not outwardly expresssing our feelings is that we become adults that keep everything bottled up and locked away and never learn to trust anyone and never open up to a somebody. That turns the heart into stone. I got to get them feelings out, express them, but, in a responsible way. I know who to go to for that.

    I think once something such as what happen to you has occured, the only thing to do is to tell yourself,” Ok, this person is not somebody I can trust to handle my feelings no matter what they might be…”

    Feelings, emotions, something God has given us, blessed us with. We have to respect them because they can be powerful impliments or tools, and if abused or misused, or not used, can cause us or others harm. Thank you for sharing with us, great post Daphne…….

    • Daphne says:

      Great response, GuichT.

      When we are not used to expressing our feelings or become afraid of expressing our feelings because of bad experiences, we tend to bottle them up. The key is to express them responsibly, as you said, and to let them out. The Bible encourages that as well.

      You make a great point about sharing our feelings with safe people. That is important because not everyone is worthy of trust. Some people will not handle our feelings with great care.

      Thanks for the thoughtful response.


  • Joycie13 says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on feelings. Till reading your article, I never looked at my feelings as valuable. All my life I was critisized for being so “sensitive” or a “crybaby” for expressing myself and telling people how I felt. I have always worn my heart on my sleeve, so to speak, and have been hurt by many people. Being in an abusive relationship where I was belitted and everything said was ridiculed, made my self-worth shatter to many pieces and broken to almost non-repair. I will always share my feelings with others as it is how I was created by the Master. I never before your words realized that my feelings are part of the Holy Temple that God has created in me and are very special. As we are filled with the Holy Spirit, I look at sharing my feelings as sharing His love for others thru me.
    Thanks and God Bless,

    • Daphne says:

      Thank you for your honesty, Joycie13. I can see how a person’s self-worth can shatter after being abused in any way. You are valuable, dear one, and your feelings are too. I pray that this inspires you to share your feelings in a healthy way with people who have shown themselves to be worthy of trust.

      Big hugs,

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