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If I text him, he will answer… Won’t he?

After not having my cell phone for two days, I decided I needed to catch up on texting my boyfriend, the love of my life. So once I got my cell phone, I thought I could just get to exercising my thumbs again on the number pad. Not so. First, I had to manually enter my boyfriend’s number because it hadn’t transferred on the memory card from my old cell phone. Not a problem. His was the only phone number I actually knew from memory. (Sorry, mom and dad.) So once I programmed his number, I could move on to texting….


(Oh, some back-story first: My boyfriend had been traveling for work going on 8 weeks, and he was due back that weekend. Earlier in the week, we talked about a story he had written.)


Day 1

  • 10:23 am — Sweetheart, got your message. How I love you, my prince! Can’t wait to read your story. 🙂
  • 1:53pm — Oh, love. How I miss you.
  • 10:27pm — My love… Thank you for all your love and support.


Day 2

  • 6:57am –Benj, my prince… Have a God-filled day, my love, my spiritual leader.
  • 8:34am — Mi amado, cuanto te extraño. Te veo pronto, mi querido. Tuya siempre, Daphne
  • 5:53pm — Hi, sweetness. How I love you!
  • REPLY: 5:55pm — Who is this???? I do not know u
  • 5:57pm — Huh?
  • 5:58pm — Sorry. Wrong number.
  • 6pm — So, so sorry.
  • 6:01pm — Hi, my love. Got something funny to tell ya. :p


Aah, yes…. I accidentally entered a 3 as the last digit, instead of an 8. Sigh. No wonder the love of my life didn’t respond to any of my text messages. No wonder he didn’t mention any of them in any of our conversations throughout the day or at the end of the first night during our usual goodnight conversation. No wonder I felt ignored. No wonder.


Many times, I’ve felt that God has ignored my cries for help as well, dear one. I keep telling Him how much I need Him, how much I love Him and how much I’m struggling – be it physically, emotionally, in relationships, you name it, but I don’t see Him responding. It seems I’m the only one talking, nothing’s changing, and He’s turned His back on me. Who is this? I don’t know you.


But God does know me. And He does knows you, dear one. While we are still speaking, He hears us (Isaiah 65:24). Our cries come before Him and into His ears (Psalm 18:6), and He accepts our prayers (Psalms 6:9). He will not reject us or withhold His love from us (Psalm 66:20). He is near to all those who call on Him, to all those who call on Him with all their hearts (Psalm 145:18). Who is this? Aah, yes… My child.


Prayer: “Answer me quickly, O Lord; my spirit fails. Do not hide your face from me or I will be like those who go down to the pit. Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul” (Psalm 143:7-8).



Come alongside…. When have you felt ignored by God? How did you handle it? What Biblical truth can you apply when you feel that way again?


4 Responses to If I text him, he will answer… Won’t he?

  • GuichT says:

    Nothing is worse than the feeling of Gods absence or being ignored by the Maker. I have certainly felt that before. Eventually though, He did answer me. I learned to have patience in waiting for His reply and I learned that His timing is perfect when it comes to asnswering prayers. Also I learned that sometimes it was some sin that I was trying to hide from Him that was coming in between our relationship. But, yes, you are so right to remind that He loves us! ” Oh how He loves us!”….David Crowder Band.For years I prayed and prayed for someone in my life, a companion, a helper, someone to share this life with. I prayed that prayer for many many years only to go through many lonely days. When that prayer was finally answered, it was answered in a HUGE way with more than I could have ever expected. God answered, beyond all that I could have ever wished or hoped for He put the most amazing beautiful woman in my life! When I look back at it, I now know that I wasnt ready during those times when I was asking over and over. Again, his timing was perfect. Anyway, just wanted to share that, thank you Ms Daphne….

  • Daphne, great blog 🙂 it is so comforting to see Scripture being applied to our daily life experiences…a Biblical worldview…seeing this day in the light of eternity…really helps me too! blessings, beth

  • elenarosario says:

    hello Daphne

    great blog

    God is consistent in his plan for our lives. he would not
    give each of us inborn abilities, temperaments, talents, spiritual
    gifts, and life experiences and then not use them. By indentifying
    and understanding the five shape factors, we can discover gods will
    for our lives – the unique way he intends for each of us to serve him.
    When it comes to ministry, your functions flow out of the way god
    formed you. God has been molding and shaping your ministry since
    you were born. On fact, god began shaping you before you were born.
    These are the five factors 1-spiritual gifts, 2-heart, 3-abilities, 4-personality,
    5-experiences, and you have them all.

    love always

  • April M. Whitt says:

    Hi Friend,
    Thank you always for the uplifting reminders. I so quickly forget how he cares and that he knows our needs before we can even ask. How difficult it is to believe in these trying times that he has our best for us. But when we stop to count our blessings and see that he has never failed us, we can rejoice and know that whatever problems we face,he will bring us through. Yours, April

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