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Lessons Learned in the Strawberry Field

Hi, friends!
Recently, my family and I went strawberry picking for my 42nd birthday. That’s right. 42. 😮
I wasn’t feeling well that day. Chronic illness has a way of surprising you, regardless of special occasions. Nonetheless, off we went.

Maybe it was the realization I was a year older. Or the fact that my back and knees aren’t what they used to be. But strawberry picking got me thinking about life. Here are some of my observations.
Sometimes, we don’t get what we want when we want it.

Sometimes, we try to rush things and see who “arrives” first.
“Okay, I’m done.” (They were back within five minutes!)

But picking strawberries, like life, isn’t about rushing. It’s about enjoying the experience, taking our time, and admiring the beauty around us.

We might not be as far “ahead” in life as we’d like.

But life is sweeter when we treasure how far we’ve come.

We might have to look hard to find the good.

And what we think looks good to us, upon further inspection, isn’t good after all.

But life is good when we can delight in the little things.

And what’s meant for us will be ready just when we need it.



In the end, life is about enjoying the time we have with our loved ones.

And sharing our blessings with others.


“Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12, NLT)
“Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well!” (Psalm 90:12, MSG)

Come alongside… Do you like fruit-picking season? What’s your favorite fruit to pick? What do you enjoy about picking fruit? Gardening? Harvesting? What has it taught you about life? Comment in the box below where it says, “Leave a Reply.” Remember, you can comment anonymously.

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New Article Published… “Ketchup and Mustard, Please”

Awhile back, I mentioned that Mentoring Moments for Christian Women has become one of my favorite sites for women.


Today, I am honored that Mentoring Moments has published my recent blog post, “Ketchup and Mustard, Please” in their Thanksgiving edition. I hope you will read “Ketchup and Mustard, Please” and comment. Share it with your friends this Thanksgiving season!


Here is a little more about Mentoring Moments–from their website:

Mentoring Moments for Christian Women was founded in 2005 as an email newsletter and recorded conference calls service to mentor and inspire women. Now, almost five years later, MMCW has established an online presence of providing quality articles and podcasts to encourage women free of charge.

Growing from just 486 subscribers our first month in 2005 to reaching thousands world-wide in 2009, MMCW’s goal is to bring glory to God through our service.

MMCW is comprised of an all volunteer staff of women from every walk of life, age, and background. Giving of their time and talent, these women work tirelessly to encourage women to experience a life of freedom in Christ.

Mission Statement
Mentoring Moments for Christian Women is an evangelical Christian site providing encouragement, mentoring, and practical tips for women in their everyday walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ.


Come alongside…What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? How can you share it with others? 


Big hugs,

Bathing in God’s Love

Have you bathed lately? I’m not talking about taking a quick shower—in and out. I’m talking about enjoying a long hot bath.

  • A bath that relaxes you into its sweet embrace.
  • A bath that wraps itself around your body and warms your soul.
  • A bath that paints a faint smile on your weary face.
  • A bath, yes, a bath that overwhelms your very being with complete and utter gratefulness.

Have you bathed lately?




This week, I have bathed in God’s goodness like never before. I didn’t plan it; in fact, I never saw it coming. With all of life’s daily cares, sometimes it’s easy for me to overlook all God’s blessings. But this week, oh this week, God’s love overtook me. Everywhere I went, God’s love surrounded me. It pressed on my chest with a rejuvenating charge. My entire being wanted to spread my arms and shout, “Thank you!” But all I could do was bow my head in gratitude and give him a humble, “Thanks.”

  • Thank you for being Almighty God.
  • Thank you for creating this beautiful earth.
  • Thank you for sending Jesus to die for me.
  • And for forgiving my many sins.
  • Thank you for being patient with me.
  • Thank you for strengthening and protecting me.
  • Thank you for guiding me–step by step.
  • And for lifting my burdens from me.
  • Thank you for making beauty from ashes.
  • Thank you for family members—new and old.
  • Thank you for friends–my adopted family.
  • And for my job—yes, my job.
  • Thank you for doors—opened and closed.
  • Thank you for my church and pastors.
  • Thank you for my health–renewed.
  • And for opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • Thank you for our shelter, our home.
  • Thank you for our finances.
  • Thank you for our daily bread.
  • And thank you for my husband. Thank you for giving me my Prince—a man of leadership and servanthood, a man of strength and tenderness, a man of love and faithfulness—a man of God.

Yes, I’m bathing in God’s goodness—the abundant gifts He has bestowed on me, His daughter.

  • A bath that relaxes me into His sweet embrace.
  • A bath that wraps itself around me and warms my soul.
  • A bath that paints a faint smile on my weary face.
  • A bath, yes, a bath that overwhelms my very being with complete and utter gratefulness.

Have you bathed lately?

I’m bathing in God’s love.


Come alongside…Are you bathing in God’s goodness? How can you thank Him today? Will you ask Him to bathe you in His love?


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