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Got Questions While You’re Safer-at-Home? Me Too. (pt1)

Hi, friends!

I hope you are safe and well.

Has your state or country issued a safer-at-home order because of the Covid-19 pandemic? Are you on lockdown?

Now that we know what it means, our family has been practicing social distancing for several weeks. In efforts to flatten the curve (or slow down the spread) of the virus, we’re not going out unless absolutely necessary. Only one of us is going out for essentials. Mostly, we’re just hanging out around the house, in our yard, and driveway.

All the extra time (do we really have extra?) has led to a lot of questions for me–not just about the numbers or pandemics in general, but also about how I’m handling it all.

Are you asking those types of questions?

I want to share five of mine. I’ll post one today and the others in upcoming blog posts.

Here goes…

1. How am I doing with my daily routines?

  • Am I sticking to a schedule as much as possible?
  • What parts of my routine have been disrupted?
  • How am I maintaining some sense of normalcy?

I work from home, so Covid-19 hasn’t made a big difference in my daily activities. I’ve been able to start work at the same time, take calls as necessary, and stay focused most of the day. I am receiving more alerts on my phone lately, so that’s stalled my train of thought on occasion.

A significant “disruption” has been having all three children home … all day … every day. 😉 I’m not used to people complaining and moping that they’re bored while I’m trying to work. 🙂 Although I’m good at tuning out background noises, it’s difficult to ignore someone standing over me asking me what I’m doing and whether they can get a snack … again.

To keep things as normal as possible, my hubby has established that we will all have lunch together, just like we do when we’re all home on any given day. During that time, we eat together, watch TV together, and then do our own things. When my lunch time is over and I’m back at work, everyone quiets down again. They’re good at whispering, which I appreciate, and are completely quiet when I’m on conference calls. Oh, and no TV until after I’m done with work at 5pm. Some might find these a little rigid, but they have really helped to keep to a schedule in our home. (Our kiddos need structure–as do I!)

The kids are now doing virtual school for the remainder of the school year. 😮 My hubby has been instrumental to set it all up. He’s aligned their tasks with their usual school days. They’re each interacting with teachers and classmates at assigned times online. (I’m quiet during their conference times too–it works both ways.) I like that they are willing to ask us questions when they don’t understand something, and it warms my heart that we’re interacting on multiple levels now. Hubby and I are tag-teaming on all sorts of questions, from pronouns, jazz music, to the theory of evolution. Having routines–however large or small–is helping us to maintain some control in what seems an out-of-control world.

Last week, spotty Internet connections sent our well-thought plans into disarray. We have 10 electronic devices on our WIFI now. 😮 The kids were getting upset their online classes were coming in and out. (Hmm. Maybe this will teach them patience.) 😉 Anyway, this hiccup stressed me out initially, but we’re staggering usage and trying to stay positive–and flexible–along the way.

Those are just some of the changes to my routine throughout the week. Evenings are usually laid back around our house, so not much change there. But weekends… they’ve been affected most. We’ve been hanging around the house instead of going on our adventures. And we haven’t been to church at our normal church location in several weeks. That’s a big change for us–we attend church weekly. I’m thankful for our pastoral staff at Lakes Church. They are continuing to do what they do best–pastor and minister to those in need, and in even more creative ways. They’ve been livestreaming services and doing worship services for children and teens throughout the week. Tonight our pastors start livestreaming daily devotions for Holy Week. It’s not like being together with others in church, but until we can see each other face-to-face, we’re eager to worship with them online from our living room.

Life in general isn’t going as anyone planned. Here are some Scriptures I’m keeping in mind …

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21)

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life. (Psalm 143:8)

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:9)

Are we open to interruptions? Are we willing to put our plans aside? Are we using the interruptions to grow closer to Him and to each other?

Here is one of my favorite songs from
Kirk Franklin: “My Life is in Your Hands.”

Stay safe and healthy!

Come alongside… How are your routines going during this pandemic? What are your biggest disruptions? How are you dealing with those? Comment in the box below where it says, “Leave a Reply.” Remember, you can comment anonymously.

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9 Responses to Got Questions While You’re Safer-at-Home? Me Too. (pt1)

  • Luis says:

    After reading this I thought, what’s going to come of this? What happens when this is over? I don’t know. But, when ur confined with loved ones, family, what better time to build relationships with them. Especially with kids. But what even better time to strengthen our relationship with the one God of the universe like u mentioned. So, maybe I can answer my own questions by answering with strengthened relationship with my wife, my children and Jesus Lord.

    • Daphne says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Luis.

      Yes, there can be some tension, especially with the kids who have boundless energy, it seems. But with a little creativity, I think we can build bonds that they’ll remember in their lifetime. I definitely think it’s drawing us closer to each other.

      Big hugs,

  • Jamie Miles says:

    Glad you have a good routine. We have our good and bad days. Our 19yo isn’t too happy home from life away at school. I’m trying to be disciplined about my novel rewrite and hold my tongue when the children at home complain about what we have to eat. (We have plenty to eat — not just what tickles their fancy.). Most women I’ve talked with all say the constant mess in the kitchen is making them CraZy! I do hope to make this week special. I will miss Easter sunrise the one here and the amazing one we had on the beach last year. Stay safe – and sane.

    • Luis says:

      Amen to the mess in the kitchen!!

    • Daphne says:

      Hi, Jamie!

      I’m so glad to see you. 🙂

      You made a good point about your 19yo. I should ask my kids what they miss. I hadn’t thought of that. I’m sure they’ll say not being at school with friends. I contacted another parent from my 12yo’s school. We decided it would be good to set up a zoom meeting for her boy and mine just to have some interaction outside of the family, even if it’s playing a video game online together. They both like chess. 🙂

      The complaining about the eating… Yes, that can be grating. And the mess! Yes, I had forgotten (or blocked it out). My husband was just talking to the kids about the mess in the kitchen when I read your comment. lol

      Yes, Easter will definitely be different this year. Are you able to see a sunrise–or a partial one–near your house?

      I still remember our sweet time at the conference.

      Blessings, my friend. Stay safe, healthy, and sane!

      Big hugs,

  • Terry Mann says:

    Thanks for your insight Daphne. For us, we are playing kitchen sink Jenga. Our dishwasher has never been so busy. On the flipside, the Washer and Dryer have not. With just the 2 of us here, it is pretty quiet. I’m working from home for the 5th week now. It’s amazing how God worked it out for me to get my office re-organized just before this happened. Thank you God. We’ve been going out for daily walks and sometimes I get 2 or 3 walks in. That has been nice with all of the wonderful weather we’ve been having. For Easter, we both dressed up and took pictures before watching the service online. I’ve been able to watch some amazing talent that I normally would not have. For example, I got to see the Chris Tomlin concert with Max Lucado on Good Friday. There were other bands there as well. It was awesome. And all of the Zoom concerts being posted on Facebook. I think this time we’re going through is going to bring out the best in everyone and drive creativity to a point we’ve not seen. I’m looking forward to see what God is going to do with this Pandemic. Thank you for starting this Daphne.

    • Daphne says:

      This is great, Terry!

      I think we are inadvertently playing Kitchen Sink Jenga. 🙂

      You must be enjoying the quiet. Isn’t it peaceful? I’ve enjoyed watching the squirrels and the birds.

      God works all things out, even giving us the opportunity and means to reorganize home office spaces way before the pandemic. Isn’t it reassuring that He’s taking good care of us through all this?

      The fresh air is so invigorating, isn’t it?

      I have enjoyed watching concerts online. I wanted to watch the Chris Tomlin and Max Lucado one but missed it. I’m sure there’s a replay link somewhere online. I did catch the Franklin Graham and Michael W Smith concert on Easter morning. And on Easter afternoon, I was so touched by the Andrea Bocelli concert of hope.

      I agree with you. This time is pivotal in our world. Artists of any kind are expressing their creativity in ways they’ve never imagined. I think the same can be said of churches. This is changing us all. I pray God is glorified with how we all handle it along the way.

      Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

      Talk soon!

  • Kim Wilbanks says:

    It’s been a little bit different for me because my recovery from surgery has coincided with the stay-at-home order. I did get on a routine the first day I got home from the hospital. I walk, shower and get dressed and eat at about the same time. The tv is not usually on (unless I’m watching the old Magnum P.I. in the afternoon). I’m really on a schedule now since we got a puppy last week!
    A routine, limited television and the distraction of a puppy to take care of are helping me.

    • Daphne says:

      Hi, Kim!

      I hope you are doing and feeling better after your surgery. Even a little rest goes a long way.

      A puppy sure will get you on a routine! Enjoy his company. Take good care of yourself.

      Big hugs,

      P.S. – I loved watching the old Magnum P.I. tv show!

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