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A Co-Dependent’s Holiday Prayer

As a recovering co-dependent, I cringe at the onset of holiday season. I know—I probably shouldn’t say that–after all, the holidays are a joyous time. We celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
That’s not the part that makes me cringe. It’s all the…

  • Expectations.
  • Hustle.
  • Frenzy.
  • Event after event after event.

Starting around Thanksgiving and through mid-January, stress and anxiety overwhelm me.
This year, I figured I would be proactive and pray continually. This is my…

Co-Dependent’s Holiday Prayer


 Father, thank you for this joyous season.

Thank you for sending Jesus to die for me

So that I could live forever with you.


God, you know how anxious I get during the holidays.

Help me not to look for approval from anyone—

Not about presents, events I plan, events I attend,

Not even about the way my home should look.


Help me not to let anyone’s frenzy zap my serenity.

I might feel the urge to rescue others from their over-commitments, Lord.

Help me to restrain myself.


Help me not to try to please others by putting myself and my family on the backburner

While spending so much time on what others might want.


Lord, give me the freedom to let my family be themselves—

Not to control their behaviors and appearance.


Help me to be myself,

Regardless of what others might say or think.


Lord, help me to demonstrate the true meaning of giving—

Not giving to others as a way of gaining their approval and exceeding their expectations.


Open my eyes to my own feelings as they arise.

Help me to step aside and regain my focus as I need it.

Show me what I truly want this season—a simple life that celebrates You—

The greatest gift of all—Jesus.



Come alongside… What part of my prayer resonated with you most? Will you share this prayer with others?

10 Responses to A Co-Dependent’s Holiday Prayer

  • Denise says:

    Daphne, this is a very revealing prayer and one that so many have prayed in times past and yet like myself never really understood where all of this “expectation” came from in the first place.

    What I mean by this is that God has never told any of us that we are to value the opinions or expectations of another to the point of living by them, having them influence our lives, or behaviors, or cause us to be anxious, etc. So asking God to help us with something that God never gave us to do in the first place is what we need to be seeing and understanding.

    Jesus and the writings in the Bible state clearly that we are to live by what proceeds from the mouth of God… that we are to have no others before GOD and we are to hear from God as to what it is that GOD would have us to do and do that and only that.

    When we understand the teaching of Jesus Christ that we cannot serve two masters… and the message of the opening pages of the Bible, that tell us that when we listen to what others say and do what they expect us to do is when we bring the misery and issues into our own lives as a result of doing so…..

    So if what we want this season and every day of our lives is a simple life…. then we have to being by ceasing to “hearken to the voice of another” in this garden with us…. realize that it was NOT God’s purpose for us from our beginning…. and return to hearing from God and doing only what it is that we each know we are hearing from GOD and SERVE GOD and no one else. After all, Jesus warned many times, “one cannot serve two masters”….. each time we try to serve the expectations of another…. no matter who they are…. we’re doing the same as Adam did in the beginning…. hearkening to the voice of another… and as the Bible has been illustrating for a great number of years to anyone reading it…. this is how misery, toiling and spinning and all the rest enters our lives!!

    So simply hear whatever it is that God is speaking to you directly and personally…. do that and nothing more! The rest will take care of itself!! ♥

    • Daphne says:

      Thanks for visiting and sharing, Denise.

      It is true: We are not to please others but Him. Jesus Himself did what the Father wanted him to do–even when others, including his mother and disciples, wanted him to do otherwise.

      I like what you said about hearkening to the voice of God as we spend time with Him in the garden.

      And yes, the rest will take care of itself.

      Blessings to you this Christmas season and may your life be simply His.


  • Great insight, Daphne. Our desire to provide memory moments for our families often turn into nightmares for us. I think God will be touched by your sincerity and will fill you with His special peace that defies understanding. May this be your best ever Christmas season!
    Sharron Cosby would like you to read…The Holidays: Ho Ho! or Ho Hum?

    • Daphne says:

      Thank you, Sharron!

      It is a tug-of-war, isn’t it? A lot of times–for us, anyway–it seems that it’s the keeping up with everyone else’s expectations and going, going, going. We intentionally decided as a family we would not do that this year. We do not need to attend every event, and we’re okay with that. I think our new family will be better for it, as we spend more time with each other making memories of our own.

      Blessings to you this holiday season, my friend.


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  • Anissa says:

    Hello Daphne, oh I so get the Co-Dependent’s Prayer — mind if I rename it for giggles, since we are no longer co-dependents.

    Taking a note from Patsy Clairmont, how about…
    Recipe to Simplify Christmas & Celebrate Christ.

    LORD help me keep in mind that too much of a good thing can become a harmful thing. Help me with portion control and to discern which great Christian events/activities we should do this season. Help me to remember that just because something is nice it is not necessary and it is not necessary that we do it this season, or this year. LORD I submit to you my Christmas Plans and ask that You edit as needed. Amen.

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