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A Lawn Full of Blessings

Ever have someone bless you? Maybe it was something they said or did? I’m sure you have.


Let me ask you this…. Of all people, did you expect that person to be the one to bless you?


An unexpected blessing–from someone I least expected–fell on my lap just this morning.


My husband started a new job last week, and our lawn hadn’t been mown in that time. He usually mows our lawn once a week, using our neighbor’s mower. In return, he also mows that neighbor’s lawn.


It has rained quite a bit in our area lately, and our lawn looks more like stalks of corn. (Okay, so I’m exaggerating.)


Each evening, my husband has come home with the intention of mowing the lawn, but alas, the rain has prevailed.


I guess I should say at this point that I’ve never mown a lawn in my life. Seriously. And with my chronic neck and back pain, I probably shouldn’t be mowing lawns anytime soon.


Nonetheless, after several days of seeing the grass grow exponentially, I decided I would just mow the lawn myself. That way, I could cut the long green blades before the city posted a citation on our door and–more importantly, bless my husband so that he wouldn’t have to worry about it. (I could pay a visit to my chiropractor later on today if I needed it.)


As I was returning from dropping off my kids at school this morning, I prayed, telling God that I wanted to bless my husband by mowing the lawn.


As I parked the car, I noticed another neighbor motioning me to come over. He asked if he could borrow our mower so that he could mow his lawn and he would also mow ours.


“That’s great,” I said, “except it’s not our mower. It’s his mower.” I motioned to our neighbor. “I left him a message this morning to see if I could borrow the mower today.”


“Tell you what,” he said, “If he’ll let me use his mower, I’ll mow your lawn, my lawn, and his lawn.”


“Are you sure?”


“Of course. That way, Luis [that’s my husband’s name] doesn’t have to worry about it.”


“Wow!” My voice started to shake. “What a blessing! I’ll let you know when I hear from him.”


I literally skipped inside the house—a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.


“What a blessing!”



Long story short… The neighbor is outside—at this very moment—mowing my lawn.



This man—one who keeps to himself, hardly ever says a word—has blessed me. I know God sent him to me today to show me that He is in control of everything—even my lawn.


My heart beats with excitement: Luis will be so surprised!



In the meantime, I can enjoy the sweet smell of freshly cut grass!


Give, and it will be given to you; a good measure-pressed down, shaken together, and running over-will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. (Luke 6:38)



How about you? Do you have a story about how God blessed you using a person you least expected? Share it with us.




Encouragement to Reach Out to Others in Need



13 Responses to A Lawn Full of Blessings

  • Jamie says:

    What a great story Daphne. With our oldest off in college my husband and I are mowing the yard. Lots. We’ve had lots of rain too. It is so nice to get a smile from God through someome’s kindness.
    Jamie would like you to read…The Water Break. #iPPP

  • Joyce Robillard says:

    My dear sister in Christ!! You truely are a blessing in my life today. Your blog is always special but today made me stop in my tracks. You make me think and always stop to count my blessings and stop focusing on what is not in my life right now cause it is not God’s timing yet. Your blog made me think of just a moment today, if ever so brief, that God winked at me. Well, anyway, today has been a day of sad news for me. While leaving Wednesday Service at church, a women who I see weekly came up and to me and gently touched my arm and said…”God Bless you” No simpler words spoken to me have ment so much at the exact moment that god desired me to hear them and spoke to my heart. Thank you dear sister for sharing your gift!
    Love you!

  • Sarah says:

    So I totally read that wrong… LOL you will laugh, but I thought that you said that you mowed the grass. Hee heee hee. I am so glad I have sedlexia and read things the right way.

    Great story, and have a wonderful day my friend. Oh and congrats on the Mr. and his new job.

  • Karen says:

    It’s hard to mow when it rains so much. You received a real blessing!
    Karen would like you to read…PUTTING ON A FACE

    • Daphne says:

      I think we all received a real blessing. My husband was so surprised when he got home. And then I had him read my post–he was really touched.


  • What a great story, Daphne! I stumbled it, so I hope lots of other people will get to read it.
    Melanie Wilson would like you to read…Will You Do This for Me?

  • Tammy says:

    Hey Daphne,

    What a wonderful post/story! 🙂

    I thank God for the rain we’ve had the last couple of days after a long drought. The summer AND spring was blazing hot and dry for us! Didn’t really even have a spring. Our lawn throughout the drought was crunchy brown. I kid you not! lol So thankful for the rain now AND cooler weather. 🙂 I love your blog!
    Tammy would like you to read…Review For All Moms and Grandmothers – Baby Breeza One Step Baby Food Maker

    • Daphne says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Tammy!

      I’m sure you’re glad you now have rain after a long drought. After living in hot and humid Florida for many years, I thought that the western United States would be better because of the dry heat. Several years ago–wow, almost a decade ago–I went to Las Vegas for business–really. I thought, “Great! I won’t have to worry about humidity, especially because of my hair.” Sure there was no humidity, but the dry weather made my skin so much dryer than it already is. Some people at the conference had bloody noses–the air was so dry. Just crazy stuff. So… it made me appreciate the humidity in Florida. Careful what you wish for, I guess. 🙂 Such a silly story, I know, but I’ll remember it always.

      Enjoy the rain, my friend.


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