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Favorite…Least Favorite

Several years ago, my boyfriend–now my husband–and I started a tradition that has continued with our three children: “Favorite…Least Favorite.”


It goes like this: At any given moment, someone will ask…


“What’s your favorite part of today so far?”


Each person answers the question with a specific action, event, etc. No generic, “I liked everything” answers. Also, no one is allowed to poke fun of any answer, but anyone can ask follow-up questions.


After each person has answered the favorite question, then the next question is asked.


“What’s your least favorite part of today so far?”


Again, each person answers the question, and especially during this second part of the game, no poking fun is allowed–or refuting someone’s response, etc.


We started this game when my boyfriend went away for work, and we would call each other at the end of the day to say our goodnights. By asking each other these questions, we were able to take part in the joys of each other’s day and also the sad–or disappointing–parts of the day. It also helped us to meditate on the day and to be sure we access a range of feelings–not leaving any to pile up inside.


Now that we have children, we’re using “Favorite…Least Favorite” to help them process and express feelings. We’re also learning a lot about each other. Truth be told, we’re not the ones who are bringing up “Favorite…Least Favorite” these days. They are!


When others are happy, be happy with them. If they are sad, share their sorrow. (Romans 12:15)


I encourage you to try it out for yourselves. To get us started….


“What was your favorite part of the weekend?”


For me, it was spending Sunday with family I hadn’t seen in decades–some I hadn’t even met, and introducing them all to my husband and my three children.


“What was your least favorite part of the weekend?”


Trying to encourage my introverted daughter to interact with other children at her cousin’s birthday party on Saturday–instead of sitting on a bench with her head down.


Come alongside…What about you? What was your favorite part of the weekend? How about your least favorite?


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