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Poll: How easy is it for you to step out in faith?


Many of you remember reading several posts ago that my husband and I are adopting. We’re very close to bringing our kiddos home–actually, March 12th.


Any major decision involves taking a step of faith. The decision to adopt is no different. Of course, some decisions are easier to make than others.



So…I wanted to get your thoughts on this.


First, tell us how easy is it for you to step out in faith. Use a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 means “Not easy at all” and 5 means, “Completely easy.” Then tell us why you gave that rating.


Feel free to reply to others’ comments. As always, please be respectful and kind. (Note: I reserve the right to edit all comments.)


Thanks for participating.


I look forward to reading your replies.


Big Hugs,


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13 Responses to Poll: How easy is it for you to step out in faith?

  • Karen Campbell Prough says:

    Perhaps, with me, it’s a four when I do things for other people, etc. I believe each person has different strengths when it comes to faith. I have faith in God and have no problem with many decisions, but I struggle with insecurity about myself. I am stepping out in faith by setting up a blog, because why would anyone care to read what I think? I want my books published, but who am I to think they are good enough? Does God really want me to write and publish books? Why did he give me the desire to write, the ability to make up and tell stories, or the wild imagination? He gave them to me for a purpose. I don’t know where this path will lead. And now, the biggest test will be a blog! Daphne, I’d have no problem adoping a child tomorrow, if I felt it was the thing to do, but I quake at presenting myself to others. So, in faith, I am stepping out on an unknown path and feeling like the time has come to expose my insecurities and doubts. I will let things I think and things I write be seen by more than a select few. After all … God’s smile of approval is all I need. Hmm, maybe, I ought to delete this comment. 🙂

    • Christina says:

      I’m glad you didn’t delete this comment because it’s inspiring to see God take you from self-doubt to confidence. 🙂

      • Daphne says:

        Yes, yes, yes! It’s great to see the process in you, Karen, and it inspires us all.

        As Christina mentioned in her reply: What are we waiting for? We can walk on the water too.


    • Daphne says:

      Wow… Thanks for sharing your heart, Karen!

      I agree with you that it’s easier to step out in faith when it comes to doing things for others.

      Like you, I have faith in God; it’s me I’m not so sure about. 🙂

      I can’t speak for all writers, but I think we all deal with those issues. Every time I post on my blog or I submit an article, I second-guess myself and my insecurities go into overdrive. Every post, every submission is an act of faith for me. I will write because God wants me to write. He gave me the desire. He gave me the ability, and He gave me the imagination. I don’t know where the path leads either, but when I get replies such as yours or the many others on my blog, I know my writing makes even a small difference in the lives of others. And that, dear one, is reason enough for me to publish one more time–and then another, and then another.

      God is smiling down at you, my friend!

      Blog on!

  • Sharon says:

    We stepped out in faith in 1984 when we moved to South America where we lived for 24 years as “faith” (read: no promised income) missionaries. That wasn’t hard.

    We had four children (including one adopted) while we lived there. That wasn’t especially hard.

    I began a teaching ministry among women. That required some faith. Especially at first.

    Even though I was a missionary, sharing my faith with unbelievers requires LOTS of faith.

    Believing God will work in the life of our prodigal child requires ENORMOUS amounts of faith.

    • Daphne says:

      Wow, Sharon! You have definitely undertaken some things that require a lot of faith! Why do you think some were more difficult than others?

      For me, when I pray and I’m at peace with a decision, it’s much easier to move forward knowing that God is at the center of it, and He is with me every step of the way.

      Thank you for sharing about your prodigal child. I will join with you in prayer.

      Lord, we come together praying for this child–your child. We pray that your angels will protect him/her. Surround him/her with your love and draw him/her unto you. Reveal to him/her your power to fill any and all voids in his/her life. We thank you, Father, and come believing that it is done. Amen.

      Thank you so much for sharing, Sharon.

      Big hugs,

  • Christina says:

    The actual stepping out in faith part for me is a 4. That’s the actual “doing” of the stepping out. The precise moment of stepping out.

    The only reason that’s true, though, is because God takes me through a process each and every time. He prepares me to step out. He takes me through experiences and reveals truths about Himself that combine to bolster my faith and gives me supernatural courage through faith.

    The process begins with me being willing to consider that I could maybe-possibly-kinda-sorta see myself doing whatever it is He’s asking me to do. At that point, stepping out feels like a 1. Then He systematically addresses each limitation or roadblock my brain generates.

    So you see…by the time He’s done doing all that with me the stepping out part is a four!

    Here’s a song that goes with the concept of stepping out (it’s my go to song for stepping out! I pray it is an encouragement for you regarding the kiddos!):
    “Walk on Water” by Britt Nicole

    • Daphne says:

      I love “Walk on Water,” Christina! 🙂

      You make a great distinction–the “doing” part.

      It’s awesome that you are aware of the process God takes you through. Isn’t He good to us? He knows what we need and meets us at our point of need and walks with us all along the way. He has a unique way of revealing to me any “excuses” I might come up with to delay stepping out.

      What am I waiting for? I can walk on the water too. 🙂

      Thank you for your encouragement!


  • GuichT says:

    Oh man, let’s see, when it comes to things such as financial decisions, I say a two. I have struggled with letting God lead me in these matters. I have always felt that I could always be in control of that as long as I was working. When work dried up, I HAD to give God that control.

    For other matters in my life, I have to say about a 4.

    • Daphne says:

      Financial decisions tend to be very difficult to hand over to God.

      How did it turn out when you gave it to God, GuichT? (I’m pretty sure I know the answer.)

      Why are other matters a 4? How are they different from financial decisions for you?

      Big hugs,

  • Roxanne says:

    It’s easy for me to step out in faith when I’ve received a clear word from the Lord to “go”. But, like the apostle Peter, when I allow the wind and the waves distract me, I’m not quite as faithfilled!

    • Daphne says:

      Oh, the wind and waves, Roxanne….

      I think that’s the way the enemy gets to me the most. Second-guessing, what if’s… I’m sure you’re well aware.

      This is when speaking Truth helps me. The Bible is so full of promises of God’s faithfulness when we obey.

      May we truly go when God says, “Go.”


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