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Bathing in God’s Love

Have you bathed lately? I’m not talking about taking a quick shower—in and out. I’m talking about enjoying a long hot bath.

  • A bath that relaxes you into its sweet embrace.
  • A bath that wraps itself around your body and warms your soul.
  • A bath that paints a faint smile on your weary face.
  • A bath, yes, a bath that overwhelms your very being with complete and utter gratefulness.

Have you bathed lately?




This week, I have bathed in God’s goodness like never before. I didn’t plan it; in fact, I never saw it coming. With all of life’s daily cares, sometimes it’s easy for me to overlook all God’s blessings. But this week, oh this week, God’s love overtook me. Everywhere I went, God’s love surrounded me. It pressed on my chest with a rejuvenating charge. My entire being wanted to spread my arms and shout, “Thank you!” But all I could do was bow my head in gratitude and give him a humble, “Thanks.”

  • Thank you for being Almighty God.
  • Thank you for creating this beautiful earth.
  • Thank you for sending Jesus to die for me.
  • And for forgiving my many sins.
  • Thank you for being patient with me.
  • Thank you for strengthening and protecting me.
  • Thank you for guiding me–step by step.
  • And for lifting my burdens from me.
  • Thank you for making beauty from ashes.
  • Thank you for family members—new and old.
  • Thank you for friends–my adopted family.
  • And for my job—yes, my job.
  • Thank you for doors—opened and closed.
  • Thank you for my church and pastors.
  • Thank you for my health–renewed.
  • And for opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • Thank you for our shelter, our home.
  • Thank you for our finances.
  • Thank you for our daily bread.
  • And thank you for my husband. Thank you for giving me my Prince—a man of leadership and servanthood, a man of strength and tenderness, a man of love and faithfulness—a man of God.

Yes, I’m bathing in God’s goodness—the abundant gifts He has bestowed on me, His daughter.

  • A bath that relaxes me into His sweet embrace.
  • A bath that wraps itself around me and warms my soul.
  • A bath that paints a faint smile on my weary face.
  • A bath, yes, a bath that overwhelms my very being with complete and utter gratefulness.

Have you bathed lately?

I’m bathing in God’s love.


Come alongside…Are you bathing in God’s goodness? How can you thank Him today? Will you ask Him to bathe you in His love?


6 Responses to Bathing in God’s Love

  • Daphne, I rejoice with you. I have felt more of His presence lately as well. The thought of totally immersing in His love seems like balm to the weary soul. When we feel His nearness, we remember that no earthly thing ever compares. Write On GF.

  • Thank you, Daphne, for this refreshing reminder of how our praise, counting our blessings, really does help us experience God’s presence in our lives 🙂

  • Jamie says:

    I so need to stop and bask in his love. We have one more trip to beach and I am so craving that relaxation that only looking at the ocean can give me. But you are right. We can stop and quiet ourselves and do that anytime. Great picture and post.

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